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Article: Stay in front with our rewards programme.

Stay in front with our rewards programme.

At Jekyll & Hide we are all about life’s great rewards. We relish unique experiences and place great importance on one-off adventures. It’s an ethos that we’ve taken into the digital realm with our exciting online Rewards Programme, an opportunity for our global fans to unlock incredible perks and activate a whole lot of awesome discounts.

We love engagement in real-life, and have made it the basis for this programme. Quite simply, the more you interact with us, the more points you earn. To start, it’s a quick and easy process that begins when you create an account. From here, every sign-in becomes an opportunity for you to earn more points and enjoy more rewards. Here’s how it works…

Every 100 points is equal to £1, and you can earn them by:

  • Signing up: 100 points
  • Placing an order: 5 points for every £1 spent
  • Sharing on Facebook: 200 points
  • Liking on Facebook: 100 points
  • Following on Instagram: 100 points

You can view your points at any time once signed in, and use them to get discounts on any of our high quality products or, if you have enough, purchase your favourite leather item outright. You also get rewarded for spreading the love. For all referrals we will give whoever signs up a £10-off coupon, and you get the same.

So if you don’t have an account, then go create one now. It’s the first step to getting even more out of your Jekyll & Hide experiences.


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