At Jekyll & Hide, our beliefs inform everything we do.

We believe in equipping adventurers with a wide range of premium leather items to accompany them on their many journeys through life.

We believe that authentic craftsmanship and a modern sensibility go hand in hand, as captured by our contemporary, exquisitely detailed designs.

We believe in sustainability and durability. We produce responsibly, participate in carbon-reducing initiatives and innovative with recycled materials.


Launched in 2002, Jekyll & Hide is rooted in functionality, and inspired by adventure.

We started out in Cape Town, and are now an international brand stocked by some of the world’s most prestigious retailers.

Our authentic leather accessories are designed to partners you on all kinds of experiences, from the boardwalk to the boardroom. And we’re all about permanence. Our timeless pieces outlast the fickleness of fad and fashion, getting better and better as the years go by.

So, when we reflected on how to contribute to our planet’s future, we looked inward and decided to apply our intrinsic ethos to a sustainable vision.

Most of the goods we produce are leather-based. This won’t change, but we are more mindful of how to do this differently.

Below are our ongoing projects:


In line with our sustainability statement, we have begun the process of replacing all of our fabrics with a 100% Recycled material derived from used plastic bottles.

 To date we have recycled and diverted over 400 000 used plastic bottles from both landfill and oceans.

Read more about our recycled fabrics here.


We have teamed up with a dynamic indigenous nursery to assist us in offsetting our carbon footprint by growing and maintaining Spekboom.

This proudly South African miracle plant is one of the most affective plants in the world at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We have secured our own hectare of land for this project, and plan to grow around 12000 plants in 2022.

Read more about our sustainability here.