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Article: How to choose the best leather wallet?

How to choose the best leather wallet?

A men's leather wallet is a most used but rarely considered purchase. For most men, a wallet was either gifted to them years ago or was an impulse buy when the model, as mentioned earlier, fell apart. It might look like an accessory with little to no significance since it's not the first element anyone notices. But, the right wallet will give you that delightful feeling of organisation while honouring your busy lifestyle, making it more relaxed than ever. 


This overlooked accessory needs more appreciation and consideration while being chosen. That ripped, and tattered wallet needs to retire, so you can make space for a new investment that better suits your spending needs. Whether you're the guy who opts for coupon cards in every coffee shop of the city, to the guy who can't stand anything needless in their wallets. There's something out there for every chap. However, you need to know which ones best suit your taste and daily life. 

Upgrading to a new men's designer leather wallet seems easier said than done; therefore, we've narrowed down the four most prominent clans in the wallet world. Regardless of your budget or which pocket you keep 'em in, these are the most trustworthy wallets for men

The Cash-Free Believer


If you really can't stand having too much stuff in your pockets, these slim cardholders are for you. It'll give you open access to the few credit cards and IDs that you actually use, also allow you to stash a little cash. Slide it into any pocket, and it'll seamlessly fit right in!



Slim Card Slide Wallet - Camo



The Paper Fanatic


If you have attachment issues with receipts of months old purchases and love to carry as much cash as you can, a classic men's bifold wallet is your move. Made in full-grain leather, and fully RFID protected, these timeless choices are engineered to become your loyal companion. 


Tri Fold Card Holder - Blue


The Neat Freak


Ideal for people who always stay one step ahead, with all their necessities well-organised and aligned. Also, this leather money clip wallet makes cash so much more accessible for easy grocery runs as well as keeping the 200s crisp for your next dinner date. 

Money Clip Card Holder - Tan


The Traveller


If you book an air ticket more often than you book a cab, you need a wallet that is functional enough to not slow you down. 

With cash sleeves, zip compartments and a pocket adequate to fit a passport these travel wallets are right on the money to keep your on-the finances and documents in great hands. 

Large Zip Around Travel And Passport Organiser



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