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Article: Introducing Roma – Modern, yet Timeless

Introducing Roma – Modern, yet Timeless

Crafting modern pieces of art that find themselves at home across various style palettes is challenging. But when done right, as is the case with our Roma range of men’s wallets, can be truly rewarding.

Made up of the perfect pocket-sized pieces, these men’s wallets with coin pockets are designed for the modern man who likes to keep things shipshape. These sleek, RFID secure currency and card holder wallets can be tucked away inconspicuously and easily accessed when needed.


 No more bulky/bulging wallets! The Roma range is all about slim men’s leather wallets that are easy to carry. They’re the perfect accessories for the style-conscious modern man and are designed to save space while serving their purpose, spiritedly.


 The Roma collection is our first ever range of designer wallets with a fully recycled lining. Introduced recently, this recycled fabric made from used plastic bottles is used to create our durable and water-resistant lining that you see across all our product ranges.


 Staying in line with our sustainability statement, we have begun the process of replacing all our fabrics with a 100% recycled material derived from used plastic bottles. It’s a start for us and we’re far from our goals but we’re on a steady path towards them.

We have teamed up with a dynamic indigenous nursery to assist us in offsetting our carbon footprint by growing and maintaining Spekboom. This proudly South African miracle plant is incredibly effective at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We have secured our own hectare of land for this project, and plan to grow around 6000 plants in 2020.


 Another way in which we stay true to our sustainability statement is by treating our full-grain leather using eco-friendly techniques and materials which have a low environmental impact. For instance, the majority of our products are vegetable tanned using a natural process that requires no chemicals. This process uses eco-friendly materials such as tree bark to provide a rich, lasting texture.

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