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Article: The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

When it comes to the ideal wallet, it’s all about balance.

On the one hand, you need it to be spacious and accommodating, with enough room for all your essentials. But there is also nothing worse than a bulky, unwieldy mass that’s a hassle to carry around. A wallet should be slim, sleek and stylish, something that makes a statement, but is discreet and neat when not needed A slim wallet is the perfect item for all occasions.

And at Jekyll & Hide, that’s how we design them.;

Our two leather wallet ranges, Roma and Havana, offer a wide range of options to choose from.

All of these premium leather wallets are made from the finest, high quality full-grain leather, but each is distinct, with different design details and features that give them character, and give you everything you need.



Both ranges feature a variety of leather cardholders – some with a leather bifold for extra flexibility – that provide more than enough space for all your essentials.

We also produce leather money clips, modern day classics that come with a secure magnetic clip to hold everything in place. And then there are our wallets.

Elegant, sophisticated and timeless, some have coin zips and there are varying amount of pockets, but all of them have just the right amount of space to carry what you need..



These bespoke premium leather wallets products will fit perfectly into your trousers or jacket, and each will develop its own unique characteristics over time.

Trends may come and go, but a good wallet is the kind if companion that will never go out of style, and should accompany you wherever you go Take a look at the men’s leather wallet sale at Jekyll and Hide. Pick your wallet and flaunt your style!

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