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Article: The Lady On The Go...

The Lady On The Go...

For every woman who's not one for sitting idle, we see you!
Going through big chunks of your time thinking "This is impossible -- oh, this is impossible." and then you keep going, and you do the incredible. With coffee in one hand, confidence in the other, we see you showing up each day and working tirelessly towards your goals.

Success stories aren't written overnight. You keep juggling all the way through period pains, being judged at every step, fighting beauty standards, navigating career and motherhood, or merely going through painful eyebrow tweaks without hitting the snooze button. In between all the drama and chaos, you need something that you can trust relentlessly. Something that is there for you through thick and thin. And what better than a light-weight, long-lasting, and spacious genuine leather bag that is perfectly equipped to soak in everything you need, to go on about your hustle of life.

This women's day, we want to take a little pressure off your shoulders and make your day to day tasks a little easier. From essentials to safety picks, your bag needs to have it all while being your preferred style. We understand the selection of the perfect leather companion can be overwhelming, and so, we bring you our best collection that combines classic styling with modern demands. 

Classic Capri Leather Backpack

For women who can get inspired anywhere, this light and comfortable backpack is remarkably roomy on the inside. It can easily hold your notepad, camera equipment, and laptop as you like. With two main zip compartments, a quick access pocket in the front, and a smartly designed interior, it's a beautiful accessory that meets all your requirements.

Leather Capri Ladies Crossbody

Minimally elegant and versatile, this Capri Leather crossbody is all you can wish for. Whether you are running errands or heading to meet your friends straight from work. With its magnetised middle compartment and a host of pockets and zips, its spacious interior has room for all your needs, but no room for doubt.

Ladies Crossbody Bag

Sometimes you just need to zip it, and you can do just that with a modern shopper that is super spacious and attractive at the same time. From work meetings to children's play dates and even the gym, with this bag you can stay on a roll 24/7. This handy handbag, made from Capri Leather, is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your personal needs.

Small Crossbody, Black

Keep your prized possessions close with a sleek crossbody made from the most elegant Capri Leather. Two zips, an inner pocket and some vibrant lining, give this bag a signature look where form perfectly meets function.

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