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Article: Living & working in paradise: The rise of the digital nomad

Living & working in paradise: The rise of the digital nomad

The destination is everywhere, and the vehicle is technology.

What is a digital nomad?

Fed up with spending 9-5 in a stuffy office? Pack your Mac and follow the trend of working remotely. The improvement of internet speed has impacted all facets of life including work-life and employment. Living the digital nomad lifestyle means being location independent, so you're not tied to a lease, but free to office hot seat. This new way of working is vastly impacting the way we are living, giving more people the freedom to combine working with travelling

Why has this new lifestyle become so prevalent?

Start-ups such as WiFi Tribe and Hacker Paradise offer people the chance to travel and work remotely from different countries. This relatively new trend allows you to become location independent, constantly on the move, while working remotely to fund that lifestyle. This trend reflects the possibilities the growth of technology offers to entrepreneurs and creatives alike.

This new phenomenon, fuelled by co-working spaces with strong internet and coffee, has seen the rise in popularity of a new lifestyle, paving the way for new start-ups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and corporate companies to employ a new way of working, which attracting a new level of talent. It comes as no surprise that millennials are constantly seeking new experiences, with travel being the ultimate goal for most, finances being the predominant factor that has held people back from adopting a nomadic way of life. This digital nomadic lifestyle eliminates those financial barriers.

Jekyll & Hide have your back.

All a digital nomad needs are their portable office in their backpack, and a space with Wi-Fi. From the boardroom in the city of London to a remote cafe in the jungles of Bali our tech accessories have your back.

Ubud, Bali

Organisation is key when it comes to working remotely and becoming a digital nomad, we have kept this in mind with our latest designs. With functionality at our core, Jekyll & Hide will be your lifelong companion, transporting your portable office and life essentials. Our ranges are carefully designed to accommodate all your daily work and commute related needs, so abandon your desk and work from anywhere with our tech accessories. Explore our backpack range here.

Have we tempted you to break out of the norm trade in your desk for a makeshift office and a work life on the go?

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