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Article: Let's get personal...

Let's get personal...

If you’re a fan of Jekyll & Hide, you’re probably quite the individual, someone who doesn’t necessarily want to look / act / think like the crowd. We’ve always catered to this kind of character, making truly original leather wallets, leather bags and leather accessories that capture this free-spirited ethos. Our premium leather items are designed to accompany you on all of life’s journeys, complementing your style no matter where the road takes you.

 And now we’re offering you the opportunity to further enhance your uniqueness: personalised lettering on your favourite item. Refined and classic, this embossing monogram will ensure that your item is one of a kind.

This short statement won’t only look good; it lasts as long as the product it appears on. That’s because we use only the best manufacturing techniques to bring your chosen personalisation letters to life. We apply the solid brass alphabet with a bespoke high-pressure heat press, stamping the lettering permanently into the leather. What you’re left with is a precisely positioned, beautifully crafted, original imprint, authentic and enduring.

So why not give our personalisation a go? You could make your own unmatched mark or – if there’s a special someone who deserves a special message – compose something personal just for him or her. At the end of the day, it’s all about giving you the freedom to do you. So do it, and make a truly lasting impression.

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