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Article: How technology has revolutionised travel: For better or for worse

How technology has revolutionised travel: For better or for worse

How Technology Has Revolutionised Travel: For Better or for Worse 

Technology has an ever-growing impact on our day to day lives, with most of us keeping up-to-date with the world using the internet, so it only makes sense it would transform the way in which we travel. From digitised room keys and itineraries to Instagram filters, technology has forever changed the way billions of people travel for business or pleasure. Technology has come to influence how we book, experience and share our experiences.  The Airbnb and Uber revolution has shaken up the way we book our accommodation and the world of transportation.

Planning & Getting Around

Travel agents and holiday brochures are a thing of the past. Fast-forward to today travellers know all the popular spots to check out, the best places to eat and what attractions and sites are worth their time before they even land in a new place. With endless search engines for last-minute flights and packages, platforms like TripAdvisor, Skyskanner and apps such as Citymapper use the internet to provide innovative ways to make travel seamless and affordable, analysing data and offering you the best deals. The best part is, with a smartphone and WiFi, this can be done from anywhere in the world. 

Technology has allowed for more efficient planning and less paperwork. Space is everything when travelling, so trying to stuff plane tickets, travel guides and paper maps into your backpack is a logistical nightmare. 

Experiencing & Sharing Travel

Social Media platforms and Google Searches allows you to get insider tips when you’re abroad in real time: ‘Where in Lisbon can I get the best Pastel de Nata?’ Technology is key to bridging language barriers. Communicating in the local language is now as simple as downloading an app on your smartphone to help you interact with locals with ease.

The growth of Social Media and travel blogs have become a major source of information when curating a holiday. Millennials are in constant search of unique adventures and are influenced by real people’s travel experiences. Facebook and Instagram check-ins and stories allow for an immersive experience and inspiration. 

Though social media and blogs your eyes are open to the world yet does it take away from us experiencing something new for the first time? The way we share our travels through technology has become a sort of cultural currency, with the idea that ‘if there is no picture, it didn’t happen.’ The comfort and security of being constantly connected, though unwittingly closing us off to the adventures and surprises that travel should bring, has become the biggest concern of travellers. Forever in search of free WiFi hotspots, we often find ourselves complaining when the 5* resort we are staying in has little or no connection to the internet. More and more we experience the physical world through a virtual lens. The irony is we are often too busy showing everyone where we are to fully immerse in the experience of discovering a new place. 

Finding your ideal travel companion in Jekyll & Hide

Complete your globetrotting experience with our accessories, carefully crafted to be your sidekick and carry all your essentials. Our Montana backpack is the ultimate accomplice for the avid traveller. Designed to organise all your daily commute and inflight essentials, with compartments for your laptop and tablet as well as sections for your chargers and converters. So, you can enjoy the ease of going through airport security while looking stylish. Our anti-theft pockets use RFID technology to protect the personal data on your cards and passport. 

To accompany your backpack, try our Montana cabin trolley, unrivalled in simplicity and style. Built for a digital nomad and business travellers alike, this 4-wheel bag on spinners includes is our bespoke anti-crease shirt folding board, additional zipped laundry bag, a large compartment for clothes and a padded 15” laptop space built into the front. Two additional deep pockets on the exterior cater for documentation and various electronic chargers. 

Ease of travel, catering and adapting to modern demands is at the core of our design process. We all know how hard it is to find the perfect accessory that looks good but is also functional. From backpacks to cabin trollies that are thoughtfully and beautifully designed, Jekyll & Hide have you covered.


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